laxmivishnu Textiles !

laxmivishnu Textiles !

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Laxmivishnu textiles

Laxmivishnu textiles

Accompanying the evolution of modern textiles in early 90s in Solapur, Firm was founded in 1996.Mr. Prakash Shankar Porandla, the founder of the firm laid the foundation with an aim to offer fine quality towels. The emergence of Globalisation in India in the 90s enhanced the company’s market. Laxmivishnu Textiles(India) has a strong focus on innovative and cost-effective products with large consumer base in India.

The fine quality cotton yarn are dyed and processed with compliance of ecological regulations. Laxmivishnu Textiles(India) has a broad range regional presence with its integrated distribution channel across the India.

Our operation system follows the benchmarked quality standards and policies precisely. We are the trend setting firm in the textile industry considering the consumer preferences and changing lifestyles.

Now we also started direct export to Middle East , Eroupe, U.S.A. Locally Mainly deals in Brand name “SONAATA”

Laxmivishnu Textiles(India) also well known as Neekhil Enterprises and Porandla Textile.Laxmivishnu Textiles(India) produce fine quality of products with new advanced machinery’s named Rapier Looms and Jaquard Looms.


Flexible Manufacturing

We provide flexible manufacturing because it is easily adapted to changes in the type and quantity of the product being manufactured.


We believe in providing customers with High-Quality products. Because of that, we have one of the widest manufacturing networks in India

Perfect Pricing

In markets with increasing volume and price pressure, the right pricing approach is essential to remain competitive.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is integral to building a successful team. We provide flexible manufacturing with a great team spirit.

Advance Technology

We use both advance manufacturing machines and manufacturing technology.

On Time Delivery

On-time delivery drives customer loyalty. We are determined about on-time deliveries of our products.

Our Founders

Prakash Porandla


Anand Porandla